Dynasty reps KEE

Dynasty has dropped JT as their major sponsor and have switched to KEE Action Sports. Dynasty will be dressed head to toe in Empire gear; pants, jersey, gloves, pads, and E’Vents goggles. They will also be shooting RPS paintballs and be using the Empire Prophecy loader. The team will make their Kee sponsor debut at PSP Phoenix this weekend, Feb. 20-22.

“Dynasty’s success on and off the field make them a perfect fit for Empire and RPS Paintballs, with all three entities being leaders in their respective categories,” said Vice President of Marketing, Jason A. Taitano. Alex Fraige, Dynasty’s Captain, said,” We’re stoked to join the Empire and RPS Team. They produce great products, have the best paint, and are a great partner for us to continue our success.”

NXe Jersey Printing


NXe is offering a new service to paintball players for 2009 by entering the jersey printing market. There are 3 different jersies to choose from: Base, Pro, and Extraktion. The base jersey is just your regular, run of the mill jersey with logo, name, and numbers. The pro edition jersey has the same options as the base but also printable mesh, padding, and thumb holes. The extraktion jersey has the same options as the base as well and is made of heavier fabric and has an embroidered patch.

After the design has been finalized, NXe promises that it will be a 3 week turnaround for your jersies to arrive at your front door. If you want your jersies done by NXe, then contact your local store if they are a NXe distributor or order them on the internet from a NXe distributor online. You CANNOT order printed jersies directly from NXe. All NXe  jersies will be/are made in Phoenix, AZ.