Exalt Paintball – More Info – New ASA Coming

Just got a reply back from my email (Thanks, very fast reply), and I have some more information.

First, the 2 websites I posted (exaltpbonline.com and exaltstore.com) were abandoned. But, their official site will be up next week. I’ll post again when I see that it’s up.

Next, he supplied me with a picture of the ASA that will be coming out when the site is online. It is the one shown in the pictures and the rendering.


Hopefully we hear more from this new company.

New PSP Apparel… by Virtue

Apparently Virtue is now making clothing for the PSP. Not sure why a board company is making clothing for other companies, but I’m not going to complain, since they gave us some good pictures of the ever so sexy Keely Watson.




They have more than just girl’s shirts, but they don’t have Keely Watson in them. If you want to check the complete line, you can here.

Hybrid NPPL Teams “Blast”, “Impact”, “Legacy”, and “Elite” Jerseys

Here are the jerseys of the BLAST/Hybrid NPPL Pro Team, Blast!

<img src="http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1349/534151151_cb4b6b36b7.jpg?v=0" alt="Blast Jersey"


Canadian Superstar Pro Team, Edmonton Impact!

Impact Jersey

Hybrids main NXL team, San Diego Legacy!

Legacy Jersey

And once pro, now Semi-Pro NPPL Team Dallas Elite’s jerseys!
Elite Jersey

Once again, Hybrid doesn’t let us down, jersies look amazing as always. Check out more Hybrid Paintball gear at Hybrid Paintball.