Smart Parts Impulse Back Again


Looks like Smart Parts is planing on bringing back the Impulse. It is supposedly going to cost around $1000 and may resemble an Ego. It will be unveiled in Germany at Millennium and will be available for purchase to US players at PSP Chicago Open.

Tadao Signs Deal With The Devil

Err, Smart Parts.

Smart Parts was able to put another company in their pocket. This time it’s little ol’ board-maker Tadao.

Usually, they go after gun companies for all their fancy/bullshit patents they have on electronic paintball guns, like the fact that they have a switch. Going after just a board-maker was probably a fresh change for them.

It could be because of their patent on Ion boards. Yup, if you make a board that looks like that, not including all those holes, no matter what the use, you gonna get sued.

Or for their Ion eye board. Make a u-shaped board with LED’s on it, you’re screwed.

So I’m thinking it’s for their Raider Ion board.

Now, it could mean that their coming out with a gun in the near future, which would be freakin’ sweet, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

So to anyone looking to make a baord for the Ion, you might have some troubles with the big ol’ devil Smart Parts.

Smart Parts And KEE Settle Patent Dispute

Smart Parts and KEE Action Sports settled a suit brought on by Smart Parts which accused KEE of infringing on patents 5,881,707, 5,967,133 6,035,843, 6,474,326, 6,637,421, and 7,100,593. The settlement included a royalty-bearing license for KEE to produce electronic markers, KEE having to stop production on insert barrel kits, namely the Empire Revolver, and KEE is now an official distributer of Smart Parts goods.

Rack up another one for sue happy Smart Parts and all their patents, though KEE isn’t exactly innocent.