Need a job?

JT USA is looking for a web developer. The job is in Betonville, AR. Basically, you need to know how to make website, update them, make them look pretty, and understand the internet.

Here’s a list of some the skills they require:
– Javascript
– Action Script
– Experience with third Party APIs (i.e. flickr, twitter, YouTube)
– Adobe Flash / interactive design
– Adobe Photoshop / ImageReady
– Microsoft Office

X Paintball: Beyond the Paint

I happened to be channel surfing and it seems that season 2 of X paintball: Beyond the paint has begun airing today. It airs at 4:30ct on fsn. I only saw a couple of episodes from the first season because I had class when it aired last year so I’m not entirely sure if anything is different from last season.

The show started with coverage from NPPL Jacksonville 2008 and interviews with many of the top pros. They talked about future events so they may be covering those events as well but that’s unlikely due to amount of time needed for video editing. It’s pretty much the same show from what I know, just with new footage. It’s still not as good as the ESPN coverage of Commander’s Cup in 2006 then again Beyond the Paint has a slightly different direction with the show. Still, it’s nice to see paintball on tv at a decent time.

Sponsors for the show are Spyder, KEE, Rockstar Energy Drinks, JT Sports, and the United States Marine Corps.

Beware of Killer CO2 Tanks

Kee Action Sports and Mark Contois have launched a paintball co2 tank safety initiative awareness program. Mark Contois’ wife was killed by a co2 tank in 2004 and has teamed up with Kee Action Sports to inform others of the dangers that co2 tanks used in paintball.

It’s a short article explaining the situation but to sum it up: Dude’s wife died because some kid didn’t install an anti-siphon tube in his co2 tank correctly so he’s trying to let people know that only professionals should be doing installs on co2 tanks.

Since Kee Action Sports has teamed up with Mr. Contois, they have offered to do the tank modifications but for a modest fee. Good job Kee, partnering up with this guy so that that yall could make money. Seriously, it’s a pretty good idea from a business perspective.