Pro Labeled ANS Tanks

I don’t really know much about the company but they do have have XSV and Dynasty edition tanks.

– Adjustable Output Pressure (850psi, 650psi, 450psi)
– 2.36 lbs, 11 in length, 14in circumference
– 5yr Warranty
– Blackout Parts (gauge, fill nipple, fittings)
– DOT and TC approved
– ASTM compliant with F2030, F2653-07, F1750-05
– 5yr Hydro

Watch World Cup Online

PSP tried this once before, I think it was at PSP Chicago last year, but this time viewers must pay an unmentioned price to be able to watch the feed. The PSP webshow will be online from Friday Otober 24, 2008 to Sunday October 26, 2008. The layout of the show is pretty much like the NPPL webshow; pro field footage, interviews with pros, and sneak peaks at new products. The hosts of the show are Patrick Spohrer, maker of MWAG films, and Matty Marshall, pro player and the face of paintball on tv.

Sunday Paintball Helps Out w/ Ike Victims

Hurricane Ike had devastating effects on the people of Houston and the greater Houston area. In these times of need, the Red Cross is usually there offering their help. As of September 18, 2008 until Commander’s Cup, Novermber 14, 2008, Sunday Clothing Inc. will donate $5 from every shirt/item purchased from their site to the Red Cross.