KEE Acquires Intellectual Property Portfoliio of Smart Parts

March 30, 2011. KEE Action Sports, LLC. announces today that it has acquired the intellectual property portfolio of Smart Parts. KEE believes it was critical to paintball that the portfolio stayed inside the industry. KEE’s President and CEO, John Robinson, said that “KEE is committed to growing paintball participation industry-wide and that KEE intends to use the intellectual property assets in a manner consistent with that goal.” In a letter to be sent out shortly, KEE will inform current license holders how it intends to continue to work with them under their current license arrangements. KEE welcomes contacts from other companies interested in pursuing a partnership relating to its new IP assets.

Need a Gun Manual… Can Help contains hundreds of marker manuals and board/chip manuals, spanning 10 years. The site is simple to use. All you have to do is look on the right side of the page and find the company of your marker then simply pick out which marker you own. It’s real convenient that they have included board/chip manuals with the marker manual pages.

They also have a list of local tech centers and a list of local stores, although the store list is still a work in progress (email them at [email protected] to get your store added to the list.)

I also noticed that they do not have a manual up for Luxe. is brought to you by ProEdgePaintball. If you’re ever in Houston, TX, stop by the store.

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