X Paintball: Beyond the Paint

I happened to be channel surfing and it seems that season 2 of X paintball: Beyond the paint has begun airing today. It airs at 4:30ct on fsn. I only saw a couple of episodes from the first season because I had class when it aired last year so I’m not entirely sure if anything is different from last season.

The show started with coverage from NPPL Jacksonville 2008 and interviews with many of the top pros. They talked about future events so they may be covering those events as well but that’s unlikely due to amount of time needed for video editing. It’s pretty much the same show from what I know, just with new footage. It’s still not as good as the ESPN coverage of Commander’s Cup in 2006 then again Beyond the Paint has a slightly different direction with the show. Still, it’s nice to see paintball on tv at a decent time.

Sponsors for the show are Spyder, KEE, Rockstar Energy Drinks, JT Sports, and the United States Marine Corps.

Deathstix Barrel Kits

This is the second version  of the Deathstix barrel kit and are brought to you by paintball assassin These barrels are carbon fiber,have 5to 5 porting and come in 14″,16″, and 24″. The kit includes 4 interchangeable backs (.686, .689, .692, and  .695) and a fancy hard case for your barrel carrying needs. Deathstix barrels can be purchased at paintballshop.com.

Prices are:

14” Deathstix Kit will cost $154.99
16” Deathstix Kit will cost $164.99
24” Tactical Sniper Tip is $179.99
Plus $15 shipping/kit anywhere in the world(paintballshop.com is located in the land down under, Australia)

2008 Chicago PSP Results


1st – Tampa Bay Damage

2nd – Escondido/San Diego Aftermath

X-Ball D1:

1st – RNT Allstarz

2nd – Vicious

3rd – Damage D1

4th –  TX Justice League

X-Ball D2:

1st – Cross-eyed Paintball

2nd – Raiden

3rd – Fierce

4th – Warped Army

X-Ball D3:

1st – Velocity Wrecking Crew

2nd – Fierce Heat

3rd – DSSP8INTBALL.com

4th – Chicago Wise Guys

5-man D2:

1st – Team RNT

2nd – Dark Army

3rd – Rogue

4th – Pintura Fresca

5-man D3:

1st – Boom

2nd – Wyldside

3rd – PG Style

4th – Storm

5-man d4:

1st – Total Karnage Kids

2nd – Texas Select

3rd – 100 proof Paintball

4th – Vivid

I don’t know the scores from the all-star games but I do know that the East won the first 2 matches and the third went to the West(more than likely a mercy victory).