Pinokio Hoppers Officially Released

Pinokio hoppers have officially been released for public purchasing. There are two noses for the hopper: one that makes the capacity 250paintballs, and the other makes the capacity 400paintballs. Both noses are interchangeable with a push of a button. The pinokio weighs just 1lb with batteries, assuming with the 250 capacity nose. When filled with paint, this loader still weighs less than an empty DXS pulse. The pulse, which is no longer availablle for puchase, is the only loader that is capable of reaching the same feeding rates as the pinokio, 30+ balls per second. The pinokio runs off of two nine volt batteries and that can supposedly last up to 37 cases. Also, the pinokio has a slightly useless yet interesting feature, the motor is able to work while completely submereged in water. I suppose that helps for cleaning purposes.

The pinokio hopper can be yours for the lovely price of $169.00. Colors available are black, smoke, and clear.

Pittsburgh Americans No Longer to Play 7-man

As of July 28, 2008, the Pittsburgh All-Americans have decided to no longer play NPPL or any other form of 7-man paintball. By dropping their concentration from the 7-man format, they can focus more on playing X-ball. Prior to their decision of only playing X-ball, the All-Americans played in the NPPL, NXL, and the Millenium Series. Even though the All-Americans will not be playing 7-man, some of their players will be guesting for the rest of the season on other teams.

Paintball Shot Finds Cancer

Gary Burrow’s, 51, was in the field and was struck by a paintball at Skirmish in Nottingham in January 2005. The paintball hit was under his chin. In an attempt to reduce the swelling from the impact, Burrow put ice over the welt, but two months later, inflammation reoccured and he sought out medical attention. Turns out, the lump was Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Months after the cancer removal, doctors found that there were two more lumps in his groin. As of now, Burrow is receiving chemotherapy for lumps in his stomach amd chest. Burrow says he owes his life to paintball because if he hadn’t got shot in the neck that day, he would not be here today.