New Elbow Pads from NXe

NXe has realesed a new design for their elbow pads. The Techna-flex elbow sheield is significantly better looking than the previous design; mainly for the fact that it’s black. Seeing as it is an armpad, it is not that much different from any other arm pad out on the market. Additionally, like most arm pads, NXe’s armpad also has breathable neoprene and moisture wicking lycra.

One difference though, is that the outer layer of the pad is made from ballistic nylon and is skid resistant. So sliding around on those rocky or rough surfaces should keep the integrity of your armpads intact.  Another unique characteristic of these armpads is that they have a three tier securing system. The purpose of the system is to make sure that the arm pad does not move around during play. The first tier is a hand sleeve, much like planet eclipse’s arm pads. The second is a wrist fastening strap which is supposed to “anchor” your arm pad. And the third tier is an upper arm or bicep strap which, apparently, is cusioned. This strap further holds the pad in place, preventing it from sliding down on anyone who has a skinny arm.

The price for the new NXe Techna-flex Elbow Shield is $49.99. Sizes available are S/M, L, and XL.

NPPL Ref Training

NPPL referee training will be in Houston September 13 and 14, 2008. Participants will be taught by a certified trainer. Referrees in training will learn everything there is to know about reffing a national level tournament. Training consists of a classroom portion and in field situations. The training course will be held at Tank’s Katy Paintball in Katy, TX from 9am – 5pm. The cost to take the course is $100.00 and can be made payable to NPPL. The $100.00 doesn’t just cover the training but you also get a 2008 level III referee ID card and an official NPPL rulebook.

NEO NXL Schedule

The NXL schedule for the North East Open has been released. I looked over the schedule and it seems that Avalanche is not playing this event.

Why? I have no idea why. Although, rumor has it that they owe the NXL lots of money and refuse to pay. And with this refusal of payment, Avalanche has decided to drop out of the NXL and on top of that, the NXL commisioner will not allow them to play Word Cup. There has been no offical statement relaesed by any of the Avalanche team members.

Tadao Plans on USB Cable Usage

Tadao Technologies is in the process of making their boards usb 2.0 and a mini-b usb compatible. As of now, the prototypes work with Mac OSX and Windows XP and Vista. Alternate boot screens, saved settings, and diagnostic downloads will be availble with the USB interface. Current Yakuza boards will not be able to be upgraded to use usb.

This thought of using a usb interface is pretty cool and could be very handy for a lot of players but the only thing that isn’t cool is that their is no interface for linux users.