NPPL Chicago Results

1st – San Diego Dynasty
2nd – St. Louis Avalanche
3rd – Portland Uprising
4th – Edmonton Impact

1st – Dynasty 2
2nd – Texas Storm
3rd – Impact Echo
4th – Critical Wrecking Crew

1st – 3CT
2nd – LSD Savage
3rd – Marine Team one
4th – Top Gu n Evolution

1st – DBS Kidz 2
2nd – TKO – Blackout
3rd – Boom II
4th – Raiders

1st – Centermass Hawaii
2nd – Asylum Ballers
3rd – Toxic
4th – University of Michigan

1st – Total Grief
2nd – Zero
3rd – Milwaukee Throwback
4th – CPX Pro Stars

New Divisions for PSP

PSP is introducing new divisions for the Chicago Open; Tactical Race to and Pump.

Tactical RaceTo builds on PSP’s current world-famous RaceTo format, adding one enhancement: Each team starts each point with a full hopper for each player, plus five 140-round pods to divide up amongst the team. Give a pod to each player, or give them to your back players, or give it all to the player who has to hold down that key lane into the snake. The decision is yours, and in Tactical RaceTo, these decisions matter.

Tactical RaceTo will not just bring new strategy elements to the game and put greater focus on communication and precision technical skills, but also cut paint consumption by up to 80%, dramatically reducing the cost to compete.

3 new divisions will be offered:
Division 4 Tactical RaceTo-4 (Thu-Fri Prelims, Sat-Sun Playoffs) – $2,600 Entry
Division 4 Tactical RaceTo-2 (Sat Afternoon Prelims, Sun Playoffs) – $1,000 Entry
Open Pump RaceTo-2; Classification Counts as D4 RaceTo-2 (Sunday Only) – $500 Entry

Prizes for all divisions:
1st Place: Free Entry, Trophy and Medals
2nd Place: ½ Entry, Trophy and Medals
3rd Place: ½ Entry, Trophy and Medals

How is your stamina? Think you can complete the paintball quadathalon? Players have the option of playing on up to four teams at the Chicago Open: One Traditional RaceTo team, one Tactical RaceTo-4 team, one Tactical RaceTo-2 team, and one Pump RaceTo-2 team.

Teams playing both Traditional and Tactical D4 RaceTo-4 will not have any schedule conflicts.
Teams wanting to play both Traditional RaceTo-2 and Tactical RaceTo-2 should request to have their Traditional RaceTo-2 games scheduled for Saturday morning to avoid conflict with the Saturday afternoon Tactical RaceTo-2 prelims. Traditional and Tactical D4 RaceTo-2 playoff schedules will not conflict.

Teams wanting to play both Traditional RaceTo-4 and Tactical RaceTo-2 may sign up for Tactical RaceTo-2 through the evening of Friday, June 24th, providing a great way for RaceTo-4 teams who may have been knocked out to use any leftover paint to get more play time. Late registration fees will be waived for any Tactical RaceTo-2 team with at least 5 players who played RaceTo-4 at the Chicago Open.

Similarly, registration for Open Pump RaceTo-2 will remain open through the evening of Saturday, June 25, and late fees will be waived for Pump teams with at least 5 players who played in other divisions at the Chicago Open. Because Pump prelim play starts Sunday morning, conflicts with playoff games in other divisions are possible. Teams who make the playoffs in another division and would have a conflict with their Pump games may withdraw from the Pump division up until Saturday evening.

Virtue Gearbag

Virtue has come out with a gearbag. It’s really a back pack but can accommodate as much as a regular gearbag.

Introducing Virtue’s Bugout Bag

Get ready to bug out to the field with the Virtue Bugout bag. Comes available with or without a removable Solar Charging Satchel for those days when you need to keep your phone, mp3, or even gun charged up all day long.

You can pack an amazing amount of gear into the Virtue Bugout bag thanks to 1900 cubic inches of storage space, plus external straps w/ buckles. The solar charging station produces its own power so you can charge your phone, mp3 player or gun from anywhere.

Key Features

* Removable Solar Charging Satchel (optional) w/ multiple adapters for phone/mp3
* Heavy duty Ballistic Nylon Construction
* 1900 Cubic Inches of Storage
* Padded, Adjustable Shoulder Straps
* Padded, Adjustable Waist Belt
* Padded Back w/ Hidden Gun Pouch
* Side Compression Straps, Useful to Attach Harness, Goggle, etc.
* Two Large Main Compartments (12x18x6” combined)
* Mid-Size Back Pouch (9x16x3”)
* Rear Back Pouch (9x7x2”)
* Removable Satchel w/ optional Solar (7x5x1.5”)
* Solar Satchel includes 7 charging adapters for (Blackberry, LG, Nokia, Samsung, Sony, USB) – plus iphone/mp3 usb cables simply plug right in using your stock charging cable.
* Inner, Outer mesh pockets, compartments, etc
* 15” Laptop Pouch (main compartment will hold up to a 17” laptop)
* All-Over Screen Print w/ Embroidery