Spyder VS1

Kingman released it’s VS1; it’s third marker in it’s VS Series. This is the cheapest of the VS Series retailing at $199.95.

When compared to hte the VS2 and VS3, it has less milling, a lower quality barrel, no “3G” technology, a lower quality trigger, and a higher, plastic feedneck. It also has breakbeam eyes and a delrin bolt that are also on the VS2 and VS3.

It comes in blue and olive colors.



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Desert, Jungle, and Icon Dye DM7’s

Doesn’t look like there’s going to be another anno’d Planet Eclpse gun, so I bring you anno’d Dye DM7’s. They come in 2 camo versions, 1 desert and 1 jungle, and a Gucci knockoff style called Icon. They’re also limited edition, so get them while they’re still available.


This is kinda old news, but I needed an anno’d gun to start the day.

Exalt Paintball – More Info – New ASA Coming

Just got a reply back from my email (Thanks, very fast reply), and I have some more information.

First, the 2 websites I posted (exaltpbonline.com and exaltstore.com) were abandoned. But, their official site will be up next week. I’ll post again when I see that it’s up.

Next, he supplied me with a picture of the ASA that will be coming out when the site is online. It is the one shown in the pictures and the rendering.


Hopefully we hear more from this new company.