2007 PSP Chicago Results

The Chicago PSP has come and gone. And I would’ve posted this early, but have just had too many problems arise.

For the NXL, the winner was Texas’s X-Factor. Big congrats to them on their first NXL win. Second and third were Ironmen and Dynasty respectively.

Russian Legion, after a 23 to 1 beatdown on Ultimate, made 10th, failing to advance to Saturday.

The complete list

  1. X-factor
  2. Los Angeles Ironmen
  3. San Diego Dynasty
  4. Philly Americans
  5. Detroit Strange
  6. Chicago Aftershock
  7. LA Infamous
  8. Seattle Naughty Dogs
  9. Jax Raiders
  10. Boston Red Legion
  11. NE Hurricanes
  12. Baltimore Trauma
  13. San Diego Legacy
  14. Ultimate
  15. Las Vegas LTZ
  16. XSV

The new standings for the year are as follows

  1. Los Angeles Ironmen 280
  2. San Diego Dynasty 270
  3. X-Factor 255
  4. Boston Red Legion 240
  5. LA Infamous 210
  6. Detroit Strange 185
  7. Philly Americans 180
  8. Chicago Aftershock 175
  9. Jax Raiders 175
  10. Sacrmento XSV 130
  11. Seattle Naughty Dogs 120
  12. NE Hurricanes 110
  13. Las Vegas LTZ 110
  14. San Diego Legacy 105
  15. Baltimore Trauma 95
  16. Ultimate 60

This PSP also consisted of the All Star match, which is why the NXL finals were held on Saturday instead of Sunday. The East wins by taking the first 2 games with scores of 13 – 8 and 9 – 8.

For Open X-Ball, the winner was Aftermath followed by Impact, Avalanche X, and Static.

The rest of the scores are after the jump

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Exalt Paintball Web Site Online

I said I would post when the site was online, and I’m holding to that.

Their new site, available at www.pdpaintball.com/main/, is now online. It’s still pretty sparse, even exploitable, showing only 2 ASAs, which one was already posted, and a T Shirt. They have a category for markers, though it’s currently empty.

Hopefully, more items and info will be added soon.