John Robinson, CEO of KEE, leaves paintball


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On my last day in paintball, wearing this just felt right. Never forget! ‪#‎JTPaintball‬ ‪#‎SpreadingtheJTseed‬ ‪#‎boondoggle‬ with Rich Telford, Junior Brown – XSV, Ben Larson

Long-time paintball player and then industry leader John Robinson, former CEO of KEE Action Sports, is leaving paintball today. Robinson worked with JT from the K2 days, and came to KEE through their acquisition of K2’s paintball properties. His drive of the JT SplatMaster program may have inadvertently led to the sharp increase in fields carrying not only SplatMasters for young kids, but also the lower impact 50 caliber air-powered markers that have become so prevalent in today’s rental market.

We wish John all the best in whatever path his future holds!

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