NPA National Points System Announced

Attention all divisional amateur teams D2-D5! We are including All APPA Regional Series Points in the 2015 NPA National Championship!

Here is how it works. Traditional APPA recognized regional or national series PSP, NXL, MSXL, WCPPL, MiLP, CPL, AXBL, NEXL, GPL and any other we may have missed that have at least 300 unique participants in the previous or current calendar year are automatically included in the national points race. A team earns a maximum of 100 points for a win in a regional series. You will also earn double points for 1 non NPA National event. For 2015 we will count your top 3 regional or NXL events plus double points for the NPA National Championship Event!

Here is the breakdown, these are maximum point examples.
Regional = 100 points
NXL, PSP = 200 points
NPA National = 400 points
You can use the maximum points available to you by combining your top 4 events in the current calendar year.

Example: 2 regional wins 200 points
1 NXL/PSP win 200 points
NPA Championship 400 points
Maximum Points 800 If you do not play a NXL/PSP event you can count your highest regional as double points to have a shot at maximum points

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