NXL and it’s huge progression

The NXL itself started as a small idea in late 2014. The PSP already was stirring up problems due to the rule changes, so someone created the great idea to create a new league of paintball…

The National XBall League

The dream that turned into a reality. When the idea was announced, many pitched in to make this league the true thing. Personally when I saw this, I was stoked. It was a new chance for the pros to shine all over again.

Though, for the PSP, things weren’t the best picture for them. A new league. Hmmm… After PSP Dallas, it looked like PSP was done. Personally, PSP and NPPL were the leagues that I was born into. But now, the XBall League will be a new welcome to the family.

The idea then grew bigger and bigger, gaining sponsorship’s and popularity. Players and fans everywhere were excited to see if this was truly going to be true.

And on the date of March 17th, big things started to happen. A new league pronounced. New staff. New sponsors. And biggest of them all, new rules, layouts, and players.

Two events have already past with Impact winning both. Now comes World Cup. The biggest event. This shows who the best of the best is.

This truly shows how a small idea in the paintball community can change into a huge deal.

Good Luck to all teams in World Cup and happy shooting!

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