MSXL Indy Open Layout

Indy Open Layout

First I’d like to say Congratulations to all the MSXL Family we have exceeded our record setting 2014 participation after only the 2nd event of 2015! Enjoy the Indy Open Layout!

For Indy we will be going back to regular season pricing and event schedule! D5 will be 5man the remainder of the season. We have also added D6 3man as the true beginners division for only $100 entry no ID required for this division only. Please promote this new division and the MSXL at all your local fields as the growth of our sport is paramount and begins with YOU!

We have enjoyed incredibly positive feedback and reviews from almost every team in the MSXL family! With that said we are looking for ways to make your experience even better. Any suggestions or recommendations are welcome. You may be seeing something we are missing so let us hear your feedback please. You can text me personally @ 2709932239 or email @ [email protected]! Please keep in mind our primary goal is to grow tournament paintball by providing affordable well ran events. There is still time to get your team in this amazing event! With 73 teams registered the Indy Open is filling up fast!


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