Paintball loses Sal Briguglio (of Xtreme and Total Greif)

After a year of fighting illness we have unfortunately lost Sal.

It’s going to be hard to type words that do justice to this man. He means so much to so many of us. I don’t think there is a greater heart and soul anywhere in all of paintball. He loved, and in return was absolutely loved back.

The love and support and frienship that Sal provided to so many of us means that today we all have a huge hole in our hearts. Sal truly was one of the greatest, most loving, most caring, most loyal, most supportive people I have ever met.

I know that many others feel the same way I do in that we wouldn’t have been or had the same experiences we have had without him in our lives.

He was a great and proud father not just to his direct family (who he was so very proud of and he did an amazing job with his son Tore) but to his extended paintball family.

Always on the look out for new people to support and befriend and always a very positive influence in every moment.

He ran one of the greatest paintball fields, Xtreme Paintball Park, which along with his team Total Greif gave rise to some of the greatest and most respectful paintball players I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

I know many of us have pictures to go along with the memories, so how about we post them here in celebration of one of the greatest people ever to have been involved in paintball.

Love you Sal. You are missed.


Originally Posted by John
(Post 89852145)
June 13th: Paintball In Honor Of Sal Briguglio
Saturday, June 13, starting at 9:00 AM
Xtreme Paintball Park
3545 Douglas Rd
Millstadt, Illinois 62260

Let us come together as a family and remember our role model, mentor, and loved one with a day of paintball as a family. Please feel free to invite players.

From Tore (Sal’s son):

Dad’s Memorial Celebration will be at the cottage (which is at the paintball park) from 5 to 8pm this Saturday the 13th. Memorial service will be held at 6:30pm. Food and beverages will be provided, casual attire.

All are welcome. Thanks for the support everyone, seeing the literally nonstop posts is a great reminder of how special and loved dad always was. He was lucky to have an absurd amount of good friends.

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