New Barrel Kit From Pathogen

The Pathogen Meteor barrel has been eagerly awaited and is finally here! This kit is everything you need and want from a paintball barrel system. You get 7 (yes Seven) barrel backs covering sizes from 0.673 to 0.691, 3 different length tips with Apex options also available, and a durable padded case that keeps your barrels handy and protected. You do not need to spend mortgage level money for a dependable and well built barrel kit. Pathogen now delivers an all-around kit that will give you everything you need and want from a barrel system. No matter if you play in the woods or on the speedball field this kit gives you consistency and that quiet sound that Pathogen users have become accustomed to. Stop messing with junk barrels or bargain basement kits and get a full set of precision machined and perfectly honed aluminum hotness. You will love it. Your buddies will want it. You don’t have to share! Play hard, shoot straight.

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