2008 Dangerous Power F8 Fusion

Another gun from one of those indie manufacturers. This time it’s the Fusion by Dangerous Power.

It still seems to use some “invisible screws” to hold things together but does have a little fancier milling than it’s predecessor. It comes in at 1.89 pounds operating at 200 psi with no more LPR.

These are pics scanned from the new issue of Splat Magazine, but not scanned by me.








25 thoughts on “2008 Dangerous Power F8 Fusion”

  1. Well I know the F8 can use N2/HPA but I haven’t found if it can use CO2. I would assume it would be able to, but I’m not sure. Anyone got any information if CO2 will damage the F8 in any way?

  2. F8 is a kick gun but deffinatly get the threshold theres only 500 being made supposedly they are more expensive but totally worth the money.s

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